Want to Feel Fancy? Build an Under the Stairs Wine Storage Room

As you know by now, you are an enthusiastic wine bottle collector and will be like this for decades. However, you may need more space to house the proper storage solution for your collection inside your home. Therefore, an understairs wine storage space might be an excellent idea. In addition, there is also the option of an integrated wine cooler that would easily flow into the already aesthetics of your kitchen or any other desired room; however, many say integrating such a sort of exclusive machinery in your kitchen might be a good idea. But, if you are a business owner running a tight ship restaurant, invest in some commercial wine coolers that can also be integrated into the establishment’s kitchen or under a staircase if there is one available. In conclusion, investing in a high-tech wine cooler would be the best decision you can make to store your own private wine bottle collection. When you run an eating establishment, you can also supply your customers with the best cooled and preserved wine on the menu.

The benefits

To own a wine cooler or fridge would be seen as a privilege not all can afford to have; however, this is further from the truth as these machines have been constructed in such a way by specialized manufacturers to uphold and maintain anyone’s wine bottle collection. Henceforth, there are several beneficial aspects within a storage facility for wine, such as, for example, the proper temperature control for both red and white wine or each one separately. The estimated temperature gauge needed within a wine cooler or room, such as the one under your staircase, should be between 7-18 degrees Celsius. In contrast, some experts say that red wine needs a slightly warmer temperature range of 12 degrees Celcius. Furthermore, there is the control of the perfect humidity of 70%. In addition, your wine cooler or room should be equipped with the best smoked tempered glass doors to prevent any unwanted and harmful UV rays from entering the unit, as all wine lovers would tell you that the sun’s rays are detrimental to all fine wine collections.

Taking care

Upon owning and constructing an under-the-staircase unit for storing wine properly, it is essential to always look after your most prized possession. Henceforth, by taking proper care of the mechanism, there would be the added advantage of preventing future and unwanted expenses from repairing or replacing; therefore, there are some rules to follow if you desire your wine fridge unit to work correctly for years to come. First, you should always use a soft cloth combined with a non-abrasive detergent when cleaning the inside of the team and ensure that you wipe off any excess detergent when done. In addition, it is also suggested that you leave the unit’s door open to ensure that moisture inside leads to some unwanted and stinky mold forming a colony inside the unit. Hence, this undesirable occurrence would be detrimental to the wine’s corks and labels, ultimately disturbing its integrity.

Your collection is in safe hands

In conclusion, the ownership of a wine cooler or fridge is almost the same in comparison to a proper old-styled wine cellar, as the unit holds the same environmental factors needed as provided by a basement at the same time. These include temperature, humidity, and UV protection, as mentioned before. In addition, a wine fridge also withholds extreme temperature fluctuations and air inside the unit, thus keeping the team at the same temperature and regulating the airflow simultaneously, ensuring that overheating does not occur.