Top 4 Tips to Organize Your Workshop


Tools, tools, and more tools! If you are a handy person, your tool collection really starts to pile up around your workshop. The more you have, the harder they are to find. You probably waste time looking for lost tools or waste money buying more. A few quick tips can get your workshop organized, so nothing will go missing again.

Add Casters

Adding tool box wheels can help keep the space tidy. You’ll be able to slide your toolbox closer to your project which makes you more likely to put things away as you use them. You will also be able to clean around it better.

Make Labels

A label maker is your best friend when it comes to organizing. Labeling each drawer and cabinet will guarantee that every item has a place to go. You’ll always know where to find a tool and so will anyone helping you out.

Get Pegboard

Organize with pegboard and a few hooks. Your most used items can be on display at arms reach. Boards are perfect for hanging hammers, wrenches, tape, screwdrivers, and more. You can even hang small boxes to hold items like nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. If you want to keep tools in the same slot each time, add labels or trace the outline of hanging items.

Sort Sizes

For tools that come in various sizes, try keeping them sorted in ascending order. Finding the right size wrench or socket will be a breeze if you don’t have to aimlessly dig through a drawer full. It can also be helpful to put a divider between metric and standard sizes.

A small investment of time and money can make a huge difference in getting your workshop organized. Once it’s done, you will never want to go back to the way it was again.