How to Keep Your Lawn Green

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Homeowners all want their lawns to look their absolute best. However, frequent trafficking such as that by kids playing and pets tromping through lawns can wear them out rather fast. Hot weather can bring with it disease and insects. Collectively these elements can cause healthy green lawns to become brown,dry, and weathered. Is having a discolored lawn inevitable?

Not necessarily. It is both possible and rather simple to maintain a lawn that is lush, healthy, and green.

Some things we need to do in order to preserve our precious lawn is to pay attention to how we are nourishing it. What do our watering habits look like? Are we watering our lawns inconsistently, when we remember? Do we leave the sprinkler system on too long and flood the roots?


Proper hydrating is one of the most significant things you can do to maintain the healthiness of your lawn. When improperly done, your turf will become dull, faded, or even grow fungus because of the excessive moisture.

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Over watering isn’t the only danger to your lawn’s lush green appearance. Unrelenting rays from the torrid sun can also cause it to wilt and lose its lovely verdant hue. In dry periods, the grass will become inactive to save energy. This is how the plant protects itself from drought, and it will usually restore itself in the autumn months when the weather is cool and moist.

Consistent watering in the summer can avert dormancy and coax your grass to grow extensive roots that will effectively resist the summer heat. This might mean that you will need to inundate the grass about three times per week. This should add up to about an inch of water every seven days or so. Evening watering is most beneficial, as the high noon sun could evaporate much of the water long before the day is over. When the sun’s heat has dissipated, however, your lawn will absorb much more of the water in the cool of the evening.

Mowing the grass too short can cause damage. riding lawn mowers can help the lawn to not get scorched to the point that the grass cannot recover. Keep in mind that if you choose to mow your grass short, you will need to water it more often and more lightly.

Lawn Food

It takes a good source of nutrition to keep your lawn looking robust. Microbes need to get down in the soil to process the nutrients and that takes about two months. That’s why it is vital to fertilize your yard regularly. Nutrient replenishment will aid in thickening the grass, which will provide it with a natural coolant and also inhibit the spread of

Weed Care

Weeds can be persistent little suckers. The best way to take care of them is to nip them in the bud from the very beginning. Hit them often. If you see one weed shoot, take care of it then. Do not just randomly spray weed killer everywhere. Treat your yard when your blades are young, before the weeds have a chance to grow up with them.

You can have a lawn that is healthy, deep in color, and the envy of all your neighbors. It will also increase the value of your home and add to the entire ambiance of your neighborhood.