How To Determine What Style Of Interior Design You Want For Your Home

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Do you have a lot of ideas for your home design style but don’t know which ones to prioritise?  Do you have an inconsistent sense of style? Or are you lured to the latest decorating designs and trends?  Believe me, any homeowner would respond yes to all of these questions at times! However, once you’ve decided on a design style (or types), decorating your house becomes lot easier and more enjoyable. Maybe you want to change your look but aren’t sure where to start. Every preference has a style, and these tips and tricks are here to help you find the look that’s best for you. With that in mind, this post is dedicated to assisting you in determining your design style before you begin spending money on your rooms.

There are several forms of interior design, and the list is always growing. Some are fads, while others are timeless masterpieces that have stood the test of time. Each design style has its own distinct lighting, furniture, accessories and design elements to announce the style. Knowing some of the most popular styles can help you realise which types stick out to you and fit your tastes. Take note of which inspiration photographs and design features pique your interest. In addition to conducting research, getting to know your particular interior designer style is now easier than ever thanks to some of the greatest professional interior design services, such as Radvi.

Transitional, coastal, organic contemporary, traditional, Scandinavian, modern farmhouse, California casual, mid-century modern, minimalist, maximalist, modern, French country, industrial, eclectic, and glam are the most popular interior design trends in 2023. These designing styles aren’t necessarily in order of popularity because different interior design styles are more prominent in different countries. Many of these design styles also have sub-categories.  Coastal style, for example, might be subdivided into modern coastal, coastal grandma, East coast, island style, Hamptons, California casual, coastal boho, Florida coastal, and so on. However, the goal is not to be concerned with the label. In fact, most interior designers don’t advocate confining oneself to a single appearance, label, or trend when selecting a design style for your house.


Reflect On Your Lifestyle

Discovering your décor style and incorporating your own aesthetic into your house may be a terrific way to discover more about yourself and your interests. Interior designers will advise you to consider your lifestyle and tastes, including how you utilise your house and what activities are most important to you. Consider your daily activities, hobbies, and interests: do you love hosting visitors or prefer a cosy, personal setting? Do you have a lot of things you want to show off, or do you prefer minimalism? Reflecting on how you want to live and feel in your house can assist you in determining which functional components and design characteristics are vital and will drive your interior design decisions.

Create A Mood Board

You can even understand your style by taking a look at the things you already own, such as your furniture, art and other accessories. Walk about your house, looking into your décor closets and storage areas for anything that captures the appearance and feel you want. Take notice of the colours, patterns, and materials that you are currently drawn to, and use these existing items as a jumping off point for your design approach. You could even collect such items in one area of your home and create a vignette or mood board with artefacts that tell a story about how you want your home to appear and feel. It will serve as a reminder of the general atmosphere, tone, and style you want to communicate in your house.

Gather Inspiration

Visit local museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, favourite eateries, or luxurious hotels. Often, a small feature or a twist, such as a piece of artwork or the shape of a chair, may strike a chord with you and pique your curiosity. Examine interior design publications, coffee table books, websites, and social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, and build a mood board or a digital folder to collect photos that speak to you. Take screenshots of areas you like and save them in your inspiration folder. Seeing all of your favourite colours, patterns, and products in one area may provide you with a sudden rush of clarity about your home décor style. Keeping inspirational photographs on your phone or computer is also useful if you want to refer to a certain colour scheme, piece of furniture, rug, or artwork when purchasing online.

There are so many design styles out there, and it may be hard to choose just one style that you want to incorporate in your own home. This is where expert interior designer services in Coimbatore come in, like Radvi. An interior designer may assist you with redesigning any room in your house, assisting with renovations, or collaborating with your builder and architect to create a bespoke home that meets your lifestyle and design sense.

For major custom homebuilding or restoration projects, an interior designer is essential. There are hundreds of decisions to be made, which may be quite stressful if you don’t have someone who truly knows your vision to give design assistance while also tackling the process in a systematic and organised manner. An interior designer offers a variety of services, from professional advice to execution. You may discover an interior designer to fit any style and budget; most can deal with a wide range of design trends and styles. They can help you give your home a complete makeover, from choosing paint cards to picking out and arranging furniture in each room, as well as adding additional design elements that tie your entire home together to make it a cohesive environment that mirrors sophistication and elegance. However, choosing an interior design style that expresses your individuality may be a daunting task.

If you are having difficulty identifying the style for your home, or purchasing and arranging pieces to mirror your dream interior decor, stop worrying, and just work with a professional interior designer from Radvi to ensure a crisp, clean and aesthetically distinguished yet cosy home for you.