How Property Managers Can Help Electricians Win

Although there is much advice available on how to start an electrician marketing campaign, gaining new business is not always an easy task for an electrician. Property managers also need help managing their properties. Property managers love having reliable contractors that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. You’ll be able to unlock a new level of potential for your business if you provide great service and are prompt.

Make sure you have proper insurance.

This is probably something you already have. Many states regulate it. When you do business with professionals, liability insurance is mandatory. A $1,000,000 policy usually covers the minimum amount required by property management companies. Check with your state to learn more. It is a requirement. However, it will ensure that your business is protected and not put at unnecessary risk. To ensure you have the right coverage, it is a good idea to talk with an insurance professional about your needs.

Get to know your local property management company

The first step to generating maximum sales is building relationships with local property managers and companies. Either host seminars to explain the benefits of hiring a qualified electrician, or simply network with other people. They will already know you are an expert contractor and not just a self-promotional tool. Both approaches have proven successful for many electricians. It is a great idea to get to know these professionals and to make sure you keep track of them with an electrician software/CRM. You will earn their trust and not just be a salesperson. This will make you the person they turn to when they have a problem.


Don’t forget about real estate agents

It can be very valuable to have a strong network of agents who call you. This is an area you shouldn’t neglect when marketing your electrician services. They can tell who requires work and who is building up. Keep them with your business cards. Keep in touch with them often to ensure you are always available for any electrical needs. This is why property managers need an electrician they can call upon in times of emergency. This is another way to generate consistent business.

You don’t have to get a no!

Keep going forward and be consistent. This is the best advice you can receive when it comes to electrician marketing. Even if they say no, it’s worth checking in on them occasionally to see if there is a possibility of a change. This will surprise you at how many leads it can bring back. Most contractors will give up after the first number. However, those who are not proactive in their work will not be the ones that succeed in this industry.

There are many other opportunities for electrician marketing

You should keep your mind open to new ways of promoting yourself and your company so you can stay focused on your growth. The industry has seen great progress and technology has made it possible for electricians to expand their workload. If you are determined to make it happen, there is no limit to the possibilities. Sometimes it takes extra effort.